Biometric facial recognition reader

Where the highest levels of security are required, the Access 3D FaceEntry system enables the biometric verification of card holders by 3D face detection. FaceEntry technology requires a brief glance at the sensor for access rights to be verified. This capability, integrated with PIN entry touchscreens and RFID card readers maximises security protection.

Contact Door Entry IP for technical support with Access 3D FaceEntry

  • 2D facial recognition system (and 3D) enables biometric access control
  • The 3D option provides patented stripe protection for highest security which makes it impossible to counterfeit the photo
  • Offers an optional RFID card reader for biometric verification of the card holder
  • Near IR sensor triggers illumination to overcome varying light levels including total darkness
  • Touchscreen user interface for time and attendance tracking
  • Face admin management software available including visitor management
  • Flush or surface mounted options to suit the property aesthetics