Integrating art and technology

Built as a retreat, this luxurious property houses an impressive private art collection. Access control technology is discreetly installed within the scheme design. Outside, in burnished brass, the main gate boasts a freestanding security station, whilst the main entrance doorway features a flush door entry panel. Multiple fingerprint readers combined with code entr y panels are sited at ancilliary entrances, in a range of materials that complement the stonework, the white wall coatings and the dark wood panelling of the buildings. In the landscaped garden, the summer house benefits from a biometric fingerprint scanner to provide ready access to the owners without the need for a key. The gardener is authorised to enter through the gate and access the outside areas but not the main house. Whilst enjoying the garden the owners can stay in contact with a mobile intercom which displays the door image and controls access even when some distance away from the house. It all works beautifully.