Intelligent biometric fingerprint readers

ekeyYour client’s fingerprint is their electronic key, with Door Entry IP’s range of biometric access control from our partner, Ekey. Lost keys, stolen cards and forgotten codes or passwords will never be a problem again. As Europe’s leading provider of biometric fingerprint access solutions, Ekey is dedicated to providing the ultimate in convenient security for private homes. From fingerprint readers to networked access control systems, and from keypads to smartphone apps these quality products are easy to install and use. The readers operate with intelligent software that transmits encrypted data to the control panel and learns about user behaviour as it is used. Products come in a wide variety of designs and finishes. There’s even an Ekey scanner that’s integrated within an architectural stainless steel door handle.

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  • Wall-mounted fingerprint readers are affordable, easy to install and ideal for retrofitting whilst flush fingerprint readers can be elegantly mounted in door stations, control panels and letterboxes.
  • Dual purpose scanners are available combining a fingerprint reader with an RFID card reader all controllable by mobile app.
  • A Bluetooth version allows remote unlocking of the door from a mobile and fingerprint programming from a convenient App
  • Readers can be networked, with a small network of up to 4 doors or up to 80 network-enabled fingerprint readers.
  • Multiple scanners enable an access control system for a private residence complete with the entry gate, doors to the home, garage and outbuildings or even a large private estate with many staff.
  • The range includes a code entry touchpad for an extended choice.
  • A locking RFID controlled door handle, which works in tandem with a surface mounted finger scanner can be readily retrofitted to internal, external and glass doors.

See the Ekey product range.